“The Reluctant Torturer”
Andy’s second Artemis Grime Mystery Novel

The Reluctant Torturer by Andy Sparrow

It’s Halloween and everyone is in costume, making it easy to walk into Hannah and Dasha’s party uninvited. A girl goes missing and Dash is determined to find her. But as she slowly closes in, the truth is more horrifying than she imagined.

Art’s former school friend asks him to find a monster from her past. He’s no detective*, but he cannot say no to this siren in need. One by one, they eliminate the suspects until there is only one conclusion: One too terrible to contemplate.

Mickey and Eva have turned Karen Ford’s Sloane Square apartment into a museum, where fans of the world-famous ‘missing’ supermodel can visit to commemorate her passing or continue the quest to discover what happened to her. One visitor knows more than she’s letting on.

*as proven in “I’m Keeping the Head”

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