Andy Sparrow doesn’t like cookies

Well, I like them, but can’t keep them in the house, otherwise I’ll eat the whole packet in one go.
Same goes for this kind of cookie – I don’t keep any on this site. There’s no inbuilt shopping cart, so no reason to cookiefy you, but WordPress may use some (to improve your ‘user experience’) and we’ve added a Share icon, which may track you while you’re on this site.
There is a ‘Contact’ form, and it does collect data which is sent to me via email.
If you buy something you’ll be forwarded to paypal, that does use cookies for your convenience.

On the Storyboards page, there’s embedded YouTube videos, which may have their own cookies, plus on the front pages of and, there’s Facebook feeds which do have tracking cookies attached to them. Personally, I use Firefox for Facebook and other social media sites and have it set to delete all cookies on exit. It does make it slightly less ‘convenient’, but I’ve never received any targeted advertising.

This website address is: with the ‘S’ in the ‘http’ bit, meaning it’s secure.