About Andy Sparrow

Upon leaving school to research his creations, Andy went undercover and endured fifteen years of gruelling drug-piggery.

By day, his ‘cover’ was as a Storyboard Artist, first in Pop Videos, then in Advertising, where he was very picky about his clientele (Marlboro, Messerschmitt, Monsanto, Mekunto, and Mail on Sunday being his favourites).

By night, he was a Comic-Book Artist and while still a spotty youth, he created Bloodrunners, an A4 page for Bike (UK’s biggest selling monthly motorcycling magazine), starring Jack Shit. He sold many thousands of T-shirts featuring his anti-hero, alongside fatalistic and/or obscene slogans.
Ostensibly about despatch riders delivering live human organs, the characters spent far more time getting wasted than working, which mirrored Andy’s own life, and eventually, after three years he was sacked. This seemed like a good time to bring his characters to life on Super8 film, so he wrote and directed Bloodrunners (find it on YouTube, alongside his other films).

Since getting clean in the Nineties, he’s created another comic-book entitled Jet Metal, which, for five years, featured in nine monthly motorcycling magazines worldwide, in five languages.

Most recently, his years of undercover ‘research’ have been collated and distilled (then infused with exotic spices and food colouring) into his books, “I’m Keeping the Head”, and “The Reluctant Torturer”, in the series of Artemis Grime mystery thrillers. He is writing the third at this moment, in between drawing storyboards and other projects.

This Andy Sparrow should not be confused with his cave-dwelling namesake, who also sells books on Amazon. This Andy Sparrow has never entered a cave. Not because of claustrophobia, nor nyctophobia, but for a nagging fear of a large heavy object falling on his head. This also makes walking in built up areas quite difficult. He lives near the beach in West Sussex, but still won’t take off his crash helmet.